Wooden Toys – Made From the Same Material

The wooden toy has been around longer than anyone can remember. Ever since the invention of the knife, fathers have been whittling toys for their children. They have been whittled into shape of boats, dolls and little figurines to name a few.

Since those early times the wooden toy industry has grown. Before the age of plastic, the wooden toy was king. This is when trains, planes and automobiles were made out of the fibrous cellulous material. Children loved to play with them and because they were made out of a sturdy and durable material they lasted the test of time.

It is not unheard of to see an old wooden horse a grandparent rode when they were a child in the attic; I know I have seen my grandmothers. There were a few decades where toys were made out of steel and then plastic. A good number of them still are but if you want a cheap toy in both price and quality, it will be made out of plastic.

In an effort to bring back quality to the toy industry, many manufacturers have gone back to the original material that made toys last so long and be so durable, WOOD. Toys made out of wood can be found in most places now. Wooden toy trucks, cars, planes dolls and even doll houses can all be found again. These are new wooden toys that are being created for the next generation to play with. Because they are made out of wood, they will be here for the next generation to play with also.

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